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The Innovation Platform
Capability enablement sys
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We could have called The Innovation Platform many things - an application package, a methodology, a training program, a knowledge management system. None of these seemed to do justice to the breadth of the concept - to convey the understanding that it's all of these things   ...and more...
Finally, we settled on 'A capability enablement platform for Innovation Management'.
An organizational capability can be described as comprising four elements: Processes, Tools, People (skills and competencies), Subject Knowledge. These are illustrated here.
When these components are in synchronony, an 'organizational capability is said to exist, in this case an organizational capability for Innovation Management. The purpose of the platform is to enable organizations to achieve that cpability.

A key feature of the Platform is a set of processes, tools and training programs to:
  •     Establish the existing organizational Innovation maturity level
  •     Consolidate the organization at the same level
  •     Develop a tailored program to move to the next maturity level
  •     As part of the upgrade, to customise the Platform's process models to conform to 'the way we plan to do Innovation nere.