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“The discipline of innovation”
 Peter F
Drucker (1985)

"... Despite much discussion these days of the ‘entrepreneurial personality,’  few of the entrepreneurs with whom I have worked over the last 30 years had such personalities. But I have known many people – salespeople, surgeons, journalists, scholars, even musicians – who did have them without being the least bit ‘entrepreneurial.’

What all the successful entrepreneurs I have met have in common is not a certain kind of personality but a commitment to the systematic practice of innovation.

       The Innovation process model - top-level view
 The Innovation Process Model uses a classic three tier structure:
The core or operational processes, Ideation through assessment, development, diffusion and realisation
The management processes, concerned with planning innovation stratgey, managing financial and other resources, transforming the organisation to an Innovation powerhouse, and ensuring that the organizational capability to support Innovation is constantly renewed and improved
The support processes to extend the impact of the core processes using workflows, tools, knowledge discovery and more. 

Connect quickly to submit an idea (InnoGenie), ask for assistance with an idea or with the Platform (S.O.S), connect with Innovation Thought-leaders, or advise your colleagues on market or other business intelligence (the Grapevine or Field notes).