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It is perhaps stating the obvious to say that maturity comes with time and experience. No company, regardless of  the amount of enthusiasm and resource applied, can become an Apple, an Intel or a 3M overnight. It takes leadership, planning, investment in organizational development. Above all it requires a systematic approach that establishes a basic foundation of skills and processes, and consolidates this. At the appropriate time, the company can then move forward to the next level of capability, building on what is already embedded in the practices and behaviours of the organization. Borrowing the conceptual model from Carnegie=Mellon's Capability Maturity Model (CMM), The Innovation Platform presents a detailed set of processes and training programs to move the organization up the maturity curve.
                       The Innovation Platform maturity model
The table below gives a more comprehensive, though still highly summarised, description of the caracteristics of each maturity stage, together with the sources of innovation projects and the tools likely to come into play at each stage. Much of the material provided by the platform (probably about 25%) is concerned with moving the organization from one maturity level to the next.
Capability maturity characteristics