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The locus of the Platform, Microsoft's Cloud service Office 365, brings with it a host of incidental advantages. We see here the cambrian explosion that the convergence of technology, knowledge and methods delivers. The guru who wants to live on a mountain top in Montana, or indeed a nountain top in Mayo, can now be available to the mid-range company in Malaya. This will manifest itself in funtionality to support  online collaboration,  training, support and consulting at a fraction of the former cost. 


The Innovation Platform resides in a SharePoint environment in Microsoft’s Office 365 Cloud, and thus is accessible globally. At its core is the Innovation Process Model, comprising a structured methodology for all aspects of managing Innovation, detailed down to the task/activity level. The Process Factory is a related system that provides a research and development capability for the development of additional sub-process models where that is required. Global availability via Office 365 facilitates online collaborative meetings, remote delivery of training, and online cost-effective delivery of mentoring and consultancy services. The platform comes equipped with a large library of software tools. Third party tools can be incorporated in customised solutions, fusing the Platform’s strengths with in-place solutions or preferences. The availability of a customisable Capability Maturity program permits an organisation to develop and refine their Innovation capability at a pace and to a schedule that can be adapted to their circumstances.